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src/p/y/pyEphestos-HEAD/morpheas/text.py   pyEphestos(Download)
import bgl, blf
from .rectangle import *
from .morph import *
import addon_utils

src/p/y/pyEphestos-HEAD/morpheas/stringfield.py   pyEphestos(Download)
from .morph import *
from .rectangle import *
import addon_utils
#PKHG for Blinker we need time-measurements
from time import time

src/p/y/pyEphestos-HEAD/morpheas/morph.py   pyEphestos(Download)
    def get_local_font_path(self):
        """getter: Returns the path where fonts used by Ephestos can be found"""
        import  addon_utils
        result = addon_utils.paths()[0] + "/Ephestos/fonts"
        return result

src/p/y/pyEphestos-HEAD/morpheas/menu.py   pyEphestos(Download)
        #PKHG>??? once and for all that font stuff?
        super(Trigger, self).__init__()
        import  addon_utils
        path_to_local_fonts  = addon_utils.paths()[0] + "/Ephestos/fonts"
        font = path_to_local_fonts + "/" + fontname

src/p/y/pyEphestos-HEAD/morpheas/testing/morpheas_unittes_01.py   pyEphestos(Download)
    def test_font(self):
        import blf
        import addon_utils
#PKHG.e.g. paths()        check_contains(addon_utils,'addons')

src/b/l/Blended-Cities-HEAD/test_files/microedition.py   Blended-Cities(Download)
import bpy
import sys
import addon_utils