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src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/vim.py   aenea(Download)
from raul import LETTERS
import aenea
LEADER_KEY = "comma"

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/verbal_emacs.py   aenea(Download)
  command_t_context = AppContext(match="regex", title="^GoToFile.*$") & vim_context
  fugitive_index_context = AppContext(match="regex", title="^index.*\.git.*$") & vim_context
  import aenea
  grammar = Grammar("verbal_emacs", context=vim_context & aenea.global_context)

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/thunderbird.py   aenea(Download)
if config.PLATFORM == "proxy":
  from proxy_nicknames import *
  import aenea
  thunderbird_context = ((AppContext(title="Icedove") |
                          AppContext(title="Thunderbird")) & aenea.global_context)

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/stopgap.py   aenea(Download)
if config.PLATFORM == "proxy":
  import aenea
  grammar = Grammar("stopgap", context=aenea.global_context)
  from proxy_contexts import *

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/shell.py   aenea(Download)
if config.PLATFORM == "proxy":
  from proxy_nicknames import *
  import aenea
  # Add your terminal here. Use xprop to determine its window class.
  # you can also add exclusions reprograms you don't want (eg, vim, ipython, etc)

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/reloadconfig.py   aenea(Download)
from dragonfly import CompoundRule, Grammar
import aenea
import reloadconfig

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/multiedit.py   aenea(Download)
if PLATFORM == "proxy":
  import aenea
  from proxy_nicknames import *
  vim_context = AppContext(match="regex", title=".*VIM.*")

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/chromium.py   aenea(Download)
from dragonfly import (AppContext, Grammar, Dictation, IntegerRef, MappingRule,
                       Key, Text, IntegerRef, Dictation)
import aenea
import config

src/a/e/aenea-HEAD/grammars_available/awesome.py   aenea(Download)
from dragonfly import Grammar, MappingRule
import aenea
from proxy_nicknames import Key

src/d/r/dragonfly-scripts-HEAD/lib/dynamic_aenea.py   dragonfly-scripts(Download)
import aenea, dragonfly, proxy_actions, lib.config
config = lib.config.get_config()
def should_send_to_aenea():
    """Utility function for determining whether commands should be sent to Aenea.  Commands will be sent if

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