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src/c/o/codebreaker-HEAD/affineHacker.py   codebreaker(Download)
# Affine Cipher Hacker
# http://inventwithpython.com/hacking (BSD Licensed)
import pyperclip, affineCipher, detectEnglish, cryptomath

src/c/o/codebreaker-HEAD/codebreaker_unit_tests.py   codebreaker(Download)
    def test_affineCipherModule(self):
        import affineCipher, cryptomath
        encrypted = affineCipher.encryptMessage(5031, FOX_MESSAGE)
        decrypted = affineCipher.decryptMessage(5031, encrypted)

src/c/o/codebreaker-HEAD/affineKeyTest.py   codebreaker(Download)
# This program proves that the keyspace of the affine cipher is limited
# to len(SYMBOLS) ^ 2.
import affineCipher, cryptomath