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src/p/y/pyspeckit-HEAD/examples/fit_nh3_cube.py   pyspeckit(Download)
import numpy as np
import os
import agpy
# set up CASA-like shortcuts

src/a/g/agpy-0.1.3/agpy/pyflagger.py   agpy(Download)
import gaussfitter
import agpy.mpfit as mpfit
import agpy
from agpy.PCA_tools import *
from AG_image_tools.drizzle import drizzle
            ylabel("Number of bolometers")
            import agpy
            med = median(ev)
            mad = agpy.mad.MAD(ev)
    def find_poorly_correlated(self, eigenfunction=0, verbose=True, flag=True, nsig=3):
        import agpy
        badarr = np.zeros([self.datashape[0],self.datashape[2]])
        for ii in xrange(self.nscans):

src/a/g/agpy-0.1.3/agpy/h2fit.py   agpy(Download)
            locals()[k].__module__ = 'pylab'
from numpy import *
import agpy
from agpy import readcol

src/a/g/agpy-0.1.3/agpy/blackbody.py   agpy(Download)
    import itertools
    import numpy as np
    import agpy
    import pylab
    import matplotlib