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This class can be used to read, from a variety of sources, a
stylesheet and all its included and imported stylesheets, building
from them a single, compact representation of an XSLT stylesheet
tree (an Ft.Xml.Xslt.Stylesheet.Stylesheet object).

This is done with the most efficient parsing method available, and
avoids creating a Domlette document for each document it reads.

src/a/m/Amara-2.0.0/lib/xslt/processor.py   Amara(Download)
from amara.xslt import XsltError
from amara.xslt import xsltcontext
from amara.xslt.reader import stylesheet_reader
from amara.xslt.result import stringresult
# For builtin extension elements/functions
        self._reader = stylesheet_reader()