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src/a/m/Amara-2.0.0/lib/xslt/__init__.py   Amara(Download)
    from amara.lib import inputsource
    from amara.xpath.util import parameterize
    from amara.xslt.result import streamresult, stringresult
    from amara.xslt.processor import processor
    params = parameterize(params) if params else {}
        result = streamresult(output)
        result = stringresult()
    return proc.run(inputsource(source), params, result)

src/a/m/Amara-2.0.0/lib/xslt/processor.py   Amara(Download)
from amara.xslt import xsltcontext
from amara.xslt.reader import stylesheet_reader
from amara.xslt.result import stringresult
# For builtin extension elements/functions
#from amara.xslt import exslt
        # didn't supply other means of retrieving it.
        if result is None:
            result = stringresult()
        result.parameters = self.transform.output_parameters
        assert result.writer