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        def register_database_client(dbapi2_module, database_name,
        quoting_style='single', explain_query=None, explain_stmts=[]):

    _logger.debug('Registering database client module %r where database '
            'is %r, quoting style is %r, explain query statement is %r and '
            'the SQL statements on which explain plans can be run are %r.',
            dbapi2_module, database_name, quoting_style, explain_query,

    dbapi2_module._nr_database_name = database_name
    dbapi2_module._nr_quoting_style = quoting_style
    dbapi2_module._nr_explain_query = explain_query
    dbapi2_module._nr_explain_stmts = explain_stmts

src/n/e/newrelic-   newrelic(Download)
from .api.database_trace import (database_trace, DatabaseTrace,
        DatabaseTraceWrapper, wrap_database_trace, register_database_client)