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src/a/r/archfinch-HEAD/sync/tasks.py   archfinch(Download)
from archfinch.main.models import Opinion
from archfinch.links.models import Link
from archfinch.users.models import User
from archfinch.sync.models import Synced, Source
            created = False
        except IndexError:
            link = Link(url=url, name=item['title'])
            created = True

src/a/r/archfinch-HEAD/main/views.py   archfinch(Download)
    if category is not None and category.id in (9,10,11) or fresh:
        computed = True
        from archfinch.links.models import Link
        if generic:
            recommendations = Link.objects.recommended_generic(category=category, tags=tags, new=new)

src/a/r/archfinch-HEAD/main/tasks.py   archfinch(Download)
from staticgenerator import recursive_delete
from archfinch.main.models import Item, Opinion, Action, Similarity
from archfinch.links.models import Link
from archfinch.comments.models import Comment

src/a/r/archfinch-HEAD/main/forms.py   archfinch(Download)
from archfinch.main import tasks
from archfinch.main.models import Item, ItemProfile, Category
from archfinch.links.models import Link
from archfinch.links.scraper import scrape, generate_thumbnail
from archfinch.utils.spam import AntiSpamModelForm

src/a/r/archfinch-HEAD/links/views.py   archfinch(Download)
from archfinch.main.forms import AddLinkForm1, AddItemForm2, AddItemWizard
from archfinch.links.models import Link
from lazysignup.decorators import allow_lazy_user

src/a/r/archfinch-HEAD/links/admin.py   archfinch(Download)
from archfinch.links.models import Link
from django.contrib import admin
from archfinch.utils.admin import raw_id_fields_admin