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This is the module being called directly from the rest of ArchGenXML.

Through the __init__() you can feed it a file and it chops it up
in neat chunks of classes and methods. This way the other parts of
ArchGenXML can add/remove/augment those chunks.

src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/utils.py   archgenxml(Download)
    parsed = None
        parsed = PyParser.PyModule(targetPath)
    except IOError:

src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/tests/testPyParser.py   archgenxml(Download)
import sys
import unittest
from archgenxml.PyParser import PyModule
testDir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
        self.realFile = testDir + '/pythonfiles/ParserTest.py'
        self.indentationFile = testDir + '/pythonfiles/ParserTest2.py'
        self.parser = PyModule(self.realFile)
        self.function = self.parser.functions['someMethod']
        self.oneLineFunction = self.parser.functions['oneLineMethod']
    def testReadFile3(self):
        """ Don't barf on an empty string-file
        parser = PyModule(self.emptyStringFile, mode='string')
    def _temp_disabled_as_it_fails_testStrangeIndentation(self):
        parser = PyModule(self.indentationFile)
        klass = parser.classes['testAtpConnector']
        method = klass.methods['testmethodcorrect']
        self.assertEquals(method.codeLength(), 13)