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Extractor is a threaded class for extracting different archive formats.

The Extractor can be loaded with paths to archives (currently ZIP, tar,
or RAR archives) and a path to a destination directory. Once an archive
has been set it is possible to filter out the files to be extracted and
set the order in which they should be extracted. The extraction can
then be started in a new thread in which files are extracted one by one,
and a signal is sent on a condition after each extraction, so that it is
possible for other threads to wait on specific files to be ready.

src/c/o/Comix-HEAD/src/filehandler.py   Comix(Download)
        self._raw_pixbufs = {}
        self._name_table = {}
        self._extractor = archive.Extractor()
        self._condition = None
        self._image_re = re.compile(r'\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif|tif|tiff|bmp)\s*$', re.I)
    def _open_subarchive(self, dir, path):
        """Allows to recursively extract all subarchives"""
        extractor = archive.Extractor()
        condition = extractor.setup(dir + "/" + path, dir)
        sub_files = extractor.get_files()

src/c/o/Comix-HEAD/src/thumbnail.py   Comix(Download)
def _get_new_archive_thumbnail(path, dst_dir):
    """Return a new thumbnail pixbuf for the archive at <path>, and save it
    to disk; <dst_dir> is the base thumbnail directory.
    extractor = archive.Extractor()