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Return a list of names of all the files the extractor is currently
set for extracting. After a call to setup() this is by default all
files found in the archive. The paths in the list are relative to
the archive root and are not absolute for the files once extracted.

src/c/o/Comix-HEAD/src/thumbnail.py   Comix(Download)
    tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix='comix_archive_thumb.')
    condition = extractor.setup(path, tmpdir)
    files = extractor.get_files()
    wanted = _guess_cover(files)
    if wanted is None:

src/c/o/Comix-HEAD/src/filehandler.py   Comix(Download)
    def _open_subarchive(self, dir, path):
        """Allows to recursively extract all subarchives"""
        extractor = archive.Extractor()
        condition = extractor.setup(dir + "/" + path, dir)
        sub_files = extractor.get_files()