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Setup the extractor with archive <src> and destination dir <dst>.
Return a threading.Condition related to the is_ready() method, or
None if the format of <src> isn't supported.

src/c/o/Comix-HEAD/src/thumbnail.py   Comix(Download)
    extractor = archive.Extractor()
    tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix='comix_archive_thumb.')
    condition = extractor.setup(path, tmpdir)
    files = extractor.get_files()
    wanted = _guess_cover(files)

src/c/o/Comix-HEAD/src/filehandler.py   Comix(Download)
    def _open_subarchive(self, dir, path):
        """Allows to recursively extract all subarchives"""
        extractor = archive.Extractor()
        condition = extractor.setup(dir + "/" + path, dir)
        sub_files = extractor.get_files()