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src/g/c/gc3pie-2.1.3/gc3libs/backends/arc0.py   gc3pie(Download)
            log.info("Updating ARC resource information from '%s'", self.arc_ldap)
            return arclib.GetClusterResources(
                arclib.URL(self.arc_ldap), True, '', 1)
            log.info("Updating ARC resource information from default GIIS")
        # this will be attached to the job object.
        # see Issue 227
        url = arclib.URL(lrms_jobid)
        # get JobFTPControl handle
        jftpc = arclib.JobFTPControl()
        remote_url = arclib.URL(job.lrms_jobid + '/' + remote_filename)
        # check remote file size