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src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/RangeFanByBearingAndTraversal.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
        if traversal == 0.0:
            traversal = 1.0 # modify so there is at least 1 degree of angle.
            arcpy.AddWarning("Traversal is zero! Forcing traversal to 1.0 degrees.")
        leftAngle = arithmeticBearing + (traversal / 2.0) # get left angle (arithmetic)
        leftBearing = geoBearing - (traversal / 2.0) # get left bearing (geographic)

src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/Trajectory_Path.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
                result = arcpy.GetCellValue_management(inputSurface,str(x) + " " + str(y))
                if result.getOutput(0) == None or result.getOutput(0) == "NoData":
                    arcpy.AddWarning("Encountered NoData cell on surface.\nStopping trajectory for observer " + str(obsOID))
                surfElev = float(result.getOutput(0))

src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/RangeFanByBearingLimits.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
    # calc traversal and center (initial) bearing from limits
    if (leftBearing == rightBearing):
        arcpy.AddWarning("Left and Right Bearings are equal! Applying 1 degree offset to Right Bearing.")
        rightBearing += 1

src/a/r/arc-open-HEAD/arc_open/convert.py   arc-open(Download)
import arcpy, os, shutil
from arcpy import AddMessage, AddWarning, AddError
from export import Export
from esri2open import esri2open
                    AddWarning('Unable to delete ' + file +
                                      'from the temp folder. This ' +
                                      'may become a problem later')

src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/AddTravelTimeToRoads.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
            arcpy.AddWarning( addName + " exists. Updating existing field.")
    # TODO: go through roads, for each get roadclass and length. Calc time.....

src/a/r/arcapi-HEAD/arcapi.py   arcapi(Download)
        if el is None:
            if not readonly:
                arcpy.AddWarning("Element " + str(p) + " not found in metadata, creating it from scratch.")
                pparent = "/".join(p.split("/")[:-1])
                parent = tree.find(pparent)
        elif level in ('warning', '1'):
            print("W:" + m)
            arcpy.AddWarning("T:" + m)
        elif level in ('error', '2'):
            print("E:" + m)
        m = "Scratch workspace is a folder, scratch names may be incorrect."
    nm = os.path.basename(name)

src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/LineFeatureAngle.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
                row[2] = Geo2Arithmetic(angle)
                arcpy.AddWarning("Empty angle for feature " + str(row[0]) + ". This could be a closed loop feature.")
                row[2] = None
            #if debug == True: arcpy.AddMessage("   " + str(row))

src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/source/test/test_maot/TestModelLocalPeaks.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
        if not TEST_IMPLEMENTED :
            arcpy.AddWarning("***Test Not Yet Implemented***")

src/m/e/Metadator-HEAD/test/ArcGIS10_GDB_Exporter.py   Metadator(Download)
## Import modules
from arcpy import env
from arcpy import ListDatasets, ListFeatureClasses, AddMessage, AddWarning
from arcpy import GetParameterAsText, FeatureClassToShapefile_conversion
from arcpy import SearchCursor
        AddMessage(u'\tCapas de informaciĆ³n de %s exportadas\n' % dataset)
        AddWarning(u'\t\tNinguna capa de informaciĆ³n encontrada en %s\n' % dataset)