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src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/CreateRangeFanBoxes.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
        # take point array and make a polygon
        boxPolygon = arcpy.Polygon(boxArray)
        # write row to output featureclass: ["SHAPE@"],"RFID","Bearing","Range","Width","LeftAz","RightAz","WeaponX","WeaponY'   

src/p/o/polar_grid-0.1/polar_grid/polar_grid.py   polar_grid(Download)
        polygon = arcpy.Polygon(array) # Create a polygon object based on the array of points
        array.removeAll() # Clear the array for future use
        feature_list.append(polygon) # Append to the list of polygon objects