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src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/Concealment.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
    # Add suitiblity values to fields
    arcpy.AddMessage("Updating rows...")
    rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(outConcealment)
    for row in rows:
        f_code = row.F_CODE

src/d/e/defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox-HEAD/toolboxes/scripts/AddUniqueRowID.py   defense-and-intel-analysis-toolbox(Download)
    # add unique numbers to each row
    arcpy.AddMessage("Adding unique row IDs")
    rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(dataset)
    for row in rows:

src/o/p/OpenColorado-Tools-and-Utilities-HEAD/Scripts/ArcGIS/10.0/Python/PublishOpenDataset.py   OpenColorado-Tools-and-Utilities(Download)
        # Create an update cursor that will loop through and update each row.
        rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(layer_name)
        # Loop through each row and field and replace literal nulls.