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This is a wrapper class for handling certificate request generation.

:param request: either a PEM :class:`str` a DER :class:`str`
:param path: the path to the certificate request file
:param key: if sepecified this will be wrapped in a :class:`~arcs.gsi.key.Key`
:param keySize: The size of the key to be generated (default 2048)
:param dn: the DN string of M2Crypto X509_Name
:param extensions: a :class:`list` of :class:`dict` objects containing extensions

src/a/r/arcs.gsi-1.2dev-20091120/src/main/python/arcs/gsi/slcs.py   arcs.gsi(Download)
    token, dn, reqURL, elements = parse_req_response(slcsResp)
    certreq = arcs.gsi.certificate.CertificateRequest(dn=str(dn), extensions=elements)
    # POST the Token and CertReq back to the slcs server