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This is a wrapper class for handling proxy certificate generation.

:param request: if specified this will be wrapped in a :class:`~arcs.gsi.certificate.Certificate` object
:param proxykey: the key used to sign the proxy, if sepecified this will be wrapped in a :class:`~arcs.gsi.key.Key` object
:param full: whether this is a full proxy or not

src/s/l/slick-HEAD/slick/init.py   slick(Download)
from arcs.shibboleth.client import Shibboleth, CredentialManager, Idp
from arcs.gsi.proxy import ProxyCertificate
from arcs.gsi.slcs import slcs_handler as slcs
from slick.settings import Settings, settings_options
        if settings.slick_proxy:
            p = ProxyCertificate(cert)
            proxy_path = path.join(tempfile.gettempdir(), 'x509up_u' + str(os.getuid()))
            proxy_file = open(proxy_path, 'w')