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return a urllib response from the service once shibboleth authentication is complete.

:param idp: the Identity Provider that will be selected at the WAYF
:param cm: a :class:`~arcs.shibboleth.client.credentials.CredentialManager` containing the URL to the service provider you want to connect to
:param cj: the cookie jar that will be used to store the shibboleth cookies

src/s/l/slick-HEAD/slick/init.py   slick(Download)
from cookielib import MozillaCookieJar
from arcs.shibboleth.client import Shibboleth, CredentialManager, Idp
from arcs.gsi.proxy import ProxyCertificate
from arcs.gsi.slcs import slcs_handler as slcs
        c = CredentialManager()
        cj = MozillaCookieJar()
        shibopener = Shibboleth(idp, c, cj)
        slcsresp = shibopener.openurl(settings.slcs_url)