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src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/tracks.py   ardj(Download)
            ardj.jabber.chat_say('Downloaded %u new tracks by %s.' % (added, ardj.util.shortlist(sorted(artist_names))))
            db = ardj.database.Open()

src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/jabber.py   ardj(Download)
    def __idle_status(self):
        Changes status when the database changes.
        db = ardj.database.Open()

src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/jamendo.py   ardj(Download)
def find_new_tracks(artist_names=None, verbose=False):
    """Returns tracks to fetch.  Result is a list of dictionaries with keys:
    artist, title, url, tags."""
    db = ardj.database.Open()