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src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/jabber.py   ardj(Download)
from ardj.jabberbot import JabberBot, botcmd
from ardj.filebot import FileBot, FileNotAcceptable
from ardj import xmpp
    def is_file_acceptable(self, sender, filename, filesize):
        if not self.check_access(sender):
            logging.warning('Refusing to accept files from %s.' % sender)
            raise FileNotAcceptable('I\'m not allowed to receive files from you, sorry.')
        if os.path.splitext(filename.lower())[1] not in ['.mp3', '.ogg', '.zip']:
            raise FileNotAcceptable('I only accept MP3, OGG and ZIP files, which "%s" doesn\'t look like.' % os.path.basename(filename))