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        def is_verbose():
    return "-v" in sys.argv

src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/tracks.py   ardj(Download)
import ardj.util
from ardj import is_dry_run, is_verbose
from ardj.database import Track as Track2
from ardj.users import resolve_alias
            tracklist += cli.get_tracks_by_artist(artist_name)
    if is_verbose():
        print 'Total tracks: %u.' % len(tracklist)
def find_new_tracks(args, label='music', weight=1.5):
    """Finds new tracks by known artists, downloads and adds them."""
    tracks = get_new_tracks(args, label=label, weight=weight)
    if is_verbose():
    artist_names = []
    for track in tracks:
        if is_verbose():
            print "Track:", track
        logging.info((u'[%u/%u] fetching "%s" by %s' % (added + 1, len(tracks), track['title'], track['artist'])).encode("utf-8"))