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src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/tracks.py   ardj(Download)
    if args == 'all':
        ardj.jabber.chat_say(u"Returning to normal playlists.")
        duration, args = extract_duration(args)
        expires = time.time() + duration * 60
        ardj.database.execute('INSERT INTO urgent_playlists (labels, expires) VALUES (?, ?)', (args, int(expires), ))
        ardj.jabber.chat_say(u"Playlist for next %u minutes: %s." % (duration, args))
        if ardj.settings.get("program_name_announce"):
            logging.debug("Program name changed from \"%s\" to \"%s\", announcing to the chat room." % (current.encode("utf-8"), name.encode("utf-8")))
            ardj.jabber.chat_say("Program \"%s\" started." % name)
            logging.debug("Program name changed from \"%s\" to \"%s\"." % (current.encode("utf-8"), name.encode("utf-8")))
        logging.info('Total catch: %u tracks.' % added)
        if not is_dry_run():
            ardj.jabber.chat_say('Downloaded %u new tracks by %s.' % (added, ardj.util.shortlist(sorted(artist_names))))
            db = ardj.database.Open()
    if count:
        msg = u"Added %u tracks by %s." % (count, artist_name)
        msg = u"Could not find anything by %s on Last.fm and Jamendo." % artist_name

src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/console.py   ardj(Download)
    if ardj.util.skip_current_track():
        return 'Request sent.'
    return 'Could not send a skip request.  Details can be found in the log file.'
def on_say(args, sender):
        return 'No tracks by this artist.'
    ardj.database.execute('UPDATE tracks SET weight = 0 WHERE artist = ?', (args, ))
    ardj.jabber.chat_say(u"%s deleted all %u tracks by %s." % (shortname(sender), count, args))
    return 'Deleted %u tracks.' % count
            return 'Could not find anything.'
        ardj.jabber.chat_say(u'%s requested track %s' % (sender.split('@')[0], u', '.join([ardj.tracks.identify(x, unknown='(a pause)') for x in tracks])))
        jingles = ardj.tracks.find_ids('-r @queue-jingle')[:1]