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Decorator for bot command functions

        def botcmd(*args, **kwargs):
    """Decorator for bot command functions"""

    def decorate(func, hidden=False, name=None, pattern=None):
        setattr(func, '_jabberbot_command', True)
        setattr(func, '_jabberbot_hidden', hidden)
        setattr(func, '_jabberbot_command_name', name or func.__name__)
        setattr(func, '_jabberbot_command_re', pattern and re.compile(pattern))
        return func

    if len(args):
        return decorate(args[0], **kwargs)
        return lambda func: decorate(func, **kwargs)

src/a/r/ardj-1.2.1/src/ardj/jabber.py   ardj(Download)
from xml.sax import saxutils
from ardj.jabberbot import JabberBot, botcmd
from ardj.filebot import FileBot, FileNotAcceptable
from ardj import xmpp