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src/a/s/Assimulo-2.5.1/assimulo/examples/glimda_vanderpol.py   Assimulo(Download)
import pylab as P
import nose
from assimulo.solvers import GLIMDA,IDA
from assimulo.problem import Implicit_Problem
    #Define an explicit solver
    imp_sim = GLIMDA(imp_mod) #Create a GLIMDA solver
    #Sets the parameters

src/a/s/Assimulo-2.5.1/assimulo/tests/solvers/test_glimda.py   Assimulo(Download)
import nose
from assimulo import testattr
from assimulo.solvers import GLIMDA
from assimulo.problem import Implicit_Problem, Explicit_Problem
from assimulo.exception import *
        #Define an explicit solver
        self.sim = GLIMDA(self.mod) #Create a Radau5 solve
        self.sim_t0 = GLIMDA(self.mod_t0)
        problem = Explicit_Problem(f,y0)
        simulator = GLIMDA(problem)
        assert simulator.yd0[0] == -simulator.y0[0]