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        def new_literal(node, value):
    if isinstance(value, list):
        return new_list(node, value)
    elif sys.version_info >= (2, 7) and isinstance(value, set):
        return new_set(node, value)
        return new_constant(node, value)

src/a/s/astoptimizer-0.6/astoptimizer/optimizer.py   astoptimizer(Download)
from astoptimizer import UNSET
from astoptimizer.ast_tools import (
    new_constant, new_literal, new_call, new_pass,
                    constant = tuple(numbers)
                return new_literal(node, constant)
        if PYTHON3:
                return UNSET
            if PYTHON27:
                return new_literal(node, literal)
            if len(literal) > self.config.max_tuple_length:
            return UNSET
        return new_literal(node, literal)
    def _optimize_iter(self, node, is_generator, to_type):