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src/p/y/PyAstronomy-HEAD/src/pyasl/asl/baryvel.py   PyAstronomy(Download)
import numpy as np
from astroTimeLegacy import premat, daycnv, precess, helio_jd
from idlMod import idlMod
from PyAstronomy.pyaC import pyaErrors as PE
  # General precession from epoch dje to deq.
  deqdat = (dje-dcto-dcbes) / dctrop + dc1900
  prema = np.transpose(premat(deqdat, deq, FK4=True))
  dvelh = AU * np.dot( [dxhd, dyahd, dzahd], prema )

src/p/y/PyAstronomy-HEAD/src/pyasl/asl/test.py   PyAstronomy(Download)
      r = numpy.reshape(dat[i,2:11], (3,3))
      if dat[i,11] == 0:
        m = at.premat(dat[i,0], dat[i,1])
        m = at.premat(dat[i,0], dat[i,1], FK4=True)