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src/o/p/open-exoplanet-catalogue-python-HEAD/oecpy/example.py   open-exoplanet-catalogue-python(Download)
# Due to its wider applicability im putting these here
from .astroclasses import Planet, Star, Binary, System, Parameters, PlanetParameters, StarParameters, BinaryParameters
from . import astroclasses as ac
    planetPar = PlanetParameters()
    planetPar.addParam('discoverymethod', 'transit')
    planetPar.addParam('discoveryyear', '2001')

src/o/p/open-exoplanet-catalogue-python-HEAD/oecpy/database.py   open-exoplanet-catalogue-python(Download)
import glob
from .astroclasses import System, Binary, Star, Planet, Parameters, BinaryParameters, StarParameters, PlanetParameters
compactString = lambda string: string.replace(' ', '').replace('-', '').lower()
        for planetXML in planetsXML:
            planetParams = PlanetParameters()
            for value in planetXML: