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For more information about astronomical date specifications,
consult a reference source such as
`this page <http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/systime.html>`_
provided by the US Naval Observatory.

Constants and formulae in this module were taken from the
`times.h` include file of the `tpm` package by Jeff Percival,
to ensure compatibility.

src/a/s/astrolib.coords-0.39.5/lib/astrolib/coords/pytpm_wrapper.py   astrolib.coords(Download)
import pytpm
import astrodate, datetime
def blackbox(x,y,instate,outstate,epoch,equinox,timetag=None):

src/a/s/astrolib.coords-0.39.5/lib/astrolib/coords/position.py   astrolib.coords(Download)
import numpy as N
import angsep
import astrodate #helper class: to be brought inside eventually
import pytpm