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Package for parsing ``Authentication-Results`` headers as defined in RFC 5451.
Optional support for authentication methods defined in RFCs 5617, 6008, and 6212.

RFC 5451 B.2
>>> str(AuthenticationResultsHeader('test.example.org'))
'Authentication-Results: test.example.org; none'

RFC 5451 B.3
>>> str(AuthenticationResultsHeader(authserv_id = 'example.com',(more...)

src/p/y/pyspf-2.0.9/spf.py   pyspf(Download)
        'Authentication-Results: bmsi.com; spf=none (unknown: is neither permitted nor denied by domain of email.example.com) smtp.mailfrom=admin@squiebras.cl (sender=admin@squiebras.cl; helo=mx.example.org; client-ip=; receiver=unknown; mechanism=unknown)'
        import authres
        # Authres expects unwrapped headers according to docs
        val = ' '.join(s.strip() for s in val.split('\n'))
            if not aid:
                raise SyntaxError('authserv-id missing for Authentication Results header type, see RFC5451 2.3')
            import authres
        if not receiver:

src/a/u/authres-0.602/authres/__main__.py   authres(Download)
def _test():
    import doctest
    import authres
    return doctest.testmod(authres)

src/m/i/milter-0.8.18/dkim-milter.py   milter(Download)
from dkim.dnsplug import get_txt
from dkim.util import parse_tag_value
import authres
import logging
import logging.config

src/m/i/milter-0.8.18/bms.py   milter(Download)
# Import authres if available
try: import authres
except: authres = None