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src/p/i/pilas-0.80/lanas/lanas/interprete.py   pilas(Download)
import highlighter
import autocomplete
import version

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/menu.py   frescobaldi(Download)
import snippet.menu
import scorewiz
import autocomplete
import sidebar
import matcher

src/f/r/frescobaldi-HEAD/frescobaldi_app/main.py   frescobaldi(Download)
    import progress         # creates progress bar in view space
    import musicpos         # shows music time in statusbar
    import autocomplete     # auto-complete input
    import wordboundary     # better wordboundary behaviour for the editor

src/l/a/lanas-0.2.1/lanas/interprete.py   lanas(Download)
import highlighter
import autocomplete
class Ventana(QWidget):