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I wrote this module a while ago (5+ years) and though it would be handy
for others. Its a handy auto-socket connection module. I used it 
orginally in a internet cafe management system. The client installed
by the installer would start the receiver. It would then wait for the 
server to broadcast its URL and on receiving it connect and do its 

Check out the example test_server.py and test_client.py for usage examples.

Running the test_server:(more...)

src/a/u/autoconnect-0.9.3/lib/autoconnect/example/test_server.py   autoconnect(Download)
import socket
import xmlrpclib
import autoconnect
from SimpleXMLRPCServer import SimpleXMLRPCServer

src/a/u/autoconnect-0.9.3/lib/autoconnect/example/test_client.py   autoconnect(Download)
import xmlrpclib
import autoconnect

src/a/u/autoconnect-0.9.3/lib/autoconnect/tests/testautoconnect.py   autoconnect(Download)
import unittest
import autoconnect