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self cloning, automatic path configuration 

copy this into any subdirectory of pypy from which scripts need 
to be run, typically all of the test subdirs. 
The idea is that any such script simply issues

    import autopath

and this will make sure that the parent directory containing "pypy"
is in sys.path. (more...)

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/translator/microbench/pybench/pybench.py   plexnet(Download)
# by a fixed integer factor (the "warp factor").
import autopath
from py.xml import html
import sys,time,operator

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/jit/tl/spli/targetspli.py   plexnet(Download)
""" usage: spli-c code_obj_file [i:int_arg s:s_arg ...]
import sys, autopath, os

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/jit/tl/spli/serializer.py   plexnet(Download)
import autopath
import py
import sys

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/jit/backend/x86/viewcode.py   plexnet(Download)
import autopath
import operator, sys, os, re, py, new
from bisect import bisect_left

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/jit/backend/x86/detect_sse2.py   plexnet(Download)
import autopath
from pypy.rpython.lltypesystem import lltype, rffi
from pypy.rlib.rmmap import alloc, free

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/translator/tool/reftracker.py   plexnet(Download)
import autopath, sys, os
import gc
from pypy.translator.tool.graphpage import GraphPage, DotGen

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/translator/tool/make_dot.py   plexnet(Download)
import autopath, os
import inspect, linecache
from pypy.objspace.flow.model import *
from pypy.objspace.flow.objspace import FlowObjSpace as Space
from pypy.tool.udir import udir

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/translator/tool/lltracker.py   plexnet(Download)
Reference tracker for lltype data structures.
import autopath, sys, os

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/translator/tool/benchmark.py   plexnet(Download)
import autopath
from pypy.tool import testit
from pypy.tool.udir import udir
from pypy.translator.tool.cbuild import build_cfunc
from pypy.translator.test.test_cltrans import global_cl, make_cl_func

src/p/l/plexnet-HEAD/third_party/generic/pypy/pypy/translator/sandbox/pypy_interact.py   plexnet(Download)
import sys, os
import autopath
from pypy.translator.sandbox.sandlib import SimpleIOSandboxedProc
from pypy.translator.sandbox.sandlib import VirtualizedSandboxedProc

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