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    autoself:  automagically add method definition boilerplate

First, a disclaimer.  Explicit self is good.  Bytecode hacks are bad.
Put them together and it's quite clear that THIS MODULE IS AN ABOMINATION!
But, it's a neat excursion into python's lower levels and if you *really*
*really* want to save yourself some keystrokes (like, you're desperately
trying to hack into the Death Star's security system to override the trash
compactor as its cold metal jaws slowly squeeze you to a purple paste) then
it can help you do that.  But, stop and consider Guido's proclamation on
the matter:(more...)

src/a/u/autoself-1.1.0/setup.py   autoself(Download)
from setuptools import setup, find_packages
import autoself
NAME = "autoself"

src/a/u/autoself-1.1.0/autoself/testmeta.py   autoself(Download)
import autoself