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Module to parse and create lines in "a=v;" format.
Normally, the entry points are parse() and concoct().

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/named_block_file.py   gmisclib(Download)
def write_line_kv(fd, k, v):
	import avio
	fd.writelines([avio.concoct({k: v}), '\n'])
def write(fd, d):

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/mcmc_newlogger.py   gmisclib(Download)
import die
import avio
import gpkmisc as GM
import dictops

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/mcmc_indexclass.py   gmisclib(Download)
	def _write(self, key, extra_stackdrop=0):
		if self.fp is not None:
			import inspect
			import avio
			fmtd = self._fmt(key)

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/mcmc_big.py   gmisclib(Download)
import die
import mcmc
import avio
from mcmc import Debug
import gpk_lsq

src/g/m/gmisclib-0.73.0/mcmcSQ.py   gmisclib(Download)
import LinearAlgebra
import g_localfit
import avio
import time
import multivariate_normal

src/v/o/voicing-1.0.0/xform_feature_vec.py   voicing(Download)
import chunkio
import gpkimgclass
import avio
import Num
import os

src/v/o/voicing-1.0.0/feature_vec.py   voicing(Download)
import die
import math
import avio
import gpkmisc
import sets