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Loads config from YAML file-like object.

This current implementation "cheats" by:
 Loading YAML, dumping YAML as JSON string, loading via JSON loader.
This is fine only because our current tournament file format can be
directly expressed in JSON.

Eventually the Loader_JSON class should be turned into a straight up
JSON loader, and the actual parsing of loaded raw tournament object data
into components should be in a shared class used by all (more...)

src/a/x/Ax_FuzzyTourney-0.8.1/axonchisel/fuzzytourney/util/run.py   Ax_FuzzyTourney(Download)
    def _load_tournament(self, tournament_filename):
        with open(tournament_filename, 'rb') as fin:
            if tournament_filename.endswith('.yaml'):
                loader = axonchisel.fuzzytourney.config.loader.Loader_YAML()
            elif tournament_filename.endswith('.json'):