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Ax_FuzzyTourney - output field functions.

Output field functions operate on entrants to produce lists of data for output.

This module is not intended for public use.
User field functions (subclass OutputField) may be defined separately and used by 
full dotted path to class in tournament config.

Author: Dan Kamins <dos at axonchisel dot net>(more...)

src/a/x/Ax_FuzzyTourney-0.8.1/axonchisel/fuzzytourney/config/loader.py   Ax_FuzzyTourney(Download)
import axonchisel.fuzzytourney.select as select_functions
import axonchisel.fuzzytourney.output as output_formats
import axonchisel.fuzzytourney.field as outfield_functions
import axonchisel.fuzzytourney.lens as lens_functions
import axonchisel.fuzzytourney.map as map_functions