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Base superclass for output fields.
Allows optional specification of id and name in config,
which otherwise are dynamically determined from class name.
Config example: {
    "id": 'my_field',
    "name": "My field"
    "format": "{0:0.3f}"
Optional "format" is used to format value as string via .format().
See http://docs.python.org/2/library/string.html#formatspec

src/a/x/Ax_FuzzyTourney-0.8.1/axonchisel/fuzzytourney/contrib/example.py   Ax_FuzzyTourney(Download)
from axonchisel.fuzzytourney.input import InputFormatBase
from axonchisel.fuzzytourney.output import OutputFormatBase
from axonchisel.fuzzytourney.field import OutputFieldFunctionBase
from axonchisel.fuzzytourney.select import SelectFunctionBase
from axonchisel.fuzzytourney.lens import LensFunctionBase