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src/e/k/eko_upload-HEAD/webapp2_extras/i18n.py   eko_upload(Download)
            The parsed datetime object.
        return dates.parse_datetime(string, locale=self.locale)
    def parse_time(self, string):

src/k/a/kalapy-HEAD/kalapy/i18n/format.py   kalapy(Download)
def parse_datetime(string):
    """Parse a datetime from a string.
    return dates.parse_datetime(string, locale=get_locale())

src/t/i/tipfy.ext.i18n-0.8/tipfy/ext/i18n.py   tipfy.ext.i18n(Download)
    locale = locale or get_locale()
    return dates.parse_datetime(string, locale=locale)

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