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Deduce the format of a story file.

        def deduce_format(story_file):
    """Deduce the format of a story file.

    story_data = _get_story_data(story_file)
    if blorb.claim_story_file(story_data):
        story_format = blorb.get_story_format(story_data)
        return "blorbed {0}".format(story_format)
        handler = deduce_handler(story_file, story_data)
        return handler.get_format_name()

src/p/y/pyifbabel-0.2.3/treatyofbabel/ifstory.py   pyifbabel(Download)
        if self.story_file is None:
        self.format = babel.deduce_format(self.story_file)
        for ifid in babel.get_ifids(self.story_file):
            if ifid not in self.ifid_list: