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Acquire a lock, blocking or non-blocking.

When invoked without arguments: if this thread already owns the lock,
increment the recursion level by one, and return immediately. Otherwise,
if another thread owns the lock, block until the lock is unlocked. Once
the lock is unlocked (not owned by any thread), then grab ownership, set
the recursion level to one, and return. If more than one thread is
blocked waiting until the lock is unlocked, only one at a time will be
able to grab ownership of the lock. There is no return value in this

src/i/n/Internet-in-a-Box-0.5.10/iiab/babel_patch.py   Internet-in-a-Box(Download)
def babel_patched_load(name, merge_inherited=True):
    # Load additional languages into the babel
    # cache.  We do this so we can add Haitian Creole
    # using french as a model.