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src/b/a/babelsubs-HEAD/babelsubs/tests/test_ssa.py   babelsubs(Download)
from babelsubs import SubtitleParserError
from babelsubs.tests import utils
from babelsubs.generators.ssa import SSAGenerator
from babelsubs.parsers.ssa import SSAParser
from babelsubs import storage
    def test_generate_centiseconds(self):
        sset = storage.SubtitleSet('en')
        sset.append_subtitle(133, 238,'hey')
        output = unicode(SSAGenerator(sset))
        # make sure time is 230 milliseconds not 38 and that
        self.assertEquals(underline.attrib['textDecoration'], 'underline')
        output = unicode(SSAGenerator(internal))
        parsed2 = SSAParser(output, 'en')
        internal2 = parsed2.to_internal()
    def test_timing_generator(self):
        sset = storage.SubtitleSet('en')
        sset.append_subtitle(40, 2930,"We started Universal Subtitles because we believe")
        generated = unicode(SSAGenerator(sset))
        self.assertIn('Dialogue: 0,0:00:00.04,0:00:02.93,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,We started Universal Subtitles because we believe', generated)
    def test_unsynced_generator(self):
        subs = storage.SubtitleSet('en')
        for x in xrange(0,5):
            subs.append_subtitle(None, None,"%s" % x)
        output = unicode(SSAGenerator(subs))