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src/b/a/babelsubs-HEAD/babelsubs/__init__.py   babelsubs(Download)
            raise TypeError("Type %s is not an available type"  % (type or extension))
        parser = parsers.discover(target_type) 
        with sub_from:
            sub_from = sub_from.read()
    elif isinstance(sub_from, basestring) and type is None:
        raise TypeError("Couldn't find out the type by myself. Care to specify?")
        parser = parsers.discover(type)

src/b/a/babelsubs-HEAD/babelsubs/tests/test_format_registry.py   babelsubs(Download)
from unittest2 import TestCase
from babelsubs import get_available_formats
from babelsubs.parsers import base, discover
from babelsubs.parsers.base import ParserList
from babelsubs.generators.base import GeneratorList
    def test_parsing_discover_missing(self):
        with self.assertRaises(KeyError):
        with self.assertRaises(KeyError):