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src/b/a/babelsubs-HEAD/babelsubs/parsers/ssa.py   babelsubs(Download)
import re
from babelsubs.parsers.srt import SRTParser
from babelsubs.utils import (
    centiseconds_to_milliseconds, escape_ampersands,
from base import register
class SSAParser(SRTParser):

src/b/a/babelsubs-HEAD/babelsubs/tests/test_srt.py   babelsubs(Download)
from babelsubs.generators.srt import SRTGenerator
from babelsubs.parsers import SubtitleParserError
from babelsubs.parsers.srt import SRTParser
from babelsubs.tests import utils
    def test_round_trip(self):
        subs1  = utils.get_subs("simple.srt")
        parsed1 = subs1.to_internal()
        srt_ouput = unicode(SRTGenerator(parsed1))
        subs2  = SRTParser(srt_ouput, 'en')
We\n started <b>Universal Subtitles</b> <i>because</i> we <u>believe</u>
        parsed = SRTParser(subs, 'en')
        internal = parsed.to_internal()
        output = unicode(SRTGenerator(internal))
        parsed2 = SRTParser(output, 'en')
        internal2 = parsed2.to_internal()
And know, Mr. <b>Amara</b> will talk.\n >> Hello, and welcome.
        parsed = SRTParser(subs, 'en')
        internal = parsed.to_internal()