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Tell mplayer to randomly play all passed files. 

        - babplay_randomly.py [--help] [-fs] [-caca] [DIR FILE DIR ...]
          Just play all passed files and all files in the passed folders.
          When called without files or folders, it plays the current folder.

        -fs     run full screen.
        -caca   use libcaca to play in ascii.

src/b/a/babtools_misc-0.1.3/babtools_misc.py   babtools_misc(Download)
# include the docstrings from all scripts after this one. . 
import babplay_mpd_playlist, babplay_randomly, babsearch_n_replace, get_all_files
for i in [babplay_mpd_playlist, babplay_randomly, babsearch_n_replace, get_all_files]: 
    __doc__ += "\n\n## " + i.__name__ + "\n\n" + i.__doc__