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src/a/r/armstrong.apps.embeds-0.8/armstrong/apps/embeds/models.py   armstrong.apps.embeds(Download)
from model_utils.fields import MonitorField
from .backends import get_backend, InvalidResponseError
from .fields import EmbedURLField, EmbedForeignKey
from .mixins import TemplatesByEmbedTypeMixin
        from .backends.base_response import BaseResponse
        if not isinstance(response, BaseResponse):
            raise InvalidResponseError("not a Response object")
        if self.response == response:

src/a/r/armstrong.apps.embeds-0.8/armstrong/apps/embeds/admin_forms.py   armstrong.apps.embeds(Download)
from .models import Embed
from .backends import InvalidResponseError
            if not response.is_valid():
                # throw an error so we can share the except block logic
                raise InvalidResponseError(response._data)
        except InvalidResponseError as e:
            msg = "Invalid response from the Backend API.<br />\