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        def delete_backend(uri, backend_id, cookie=None, csrf=None):
    req = MyRequests(uri=uri+'/backends/'+backend_id, cookie=cookie, csrf=csrf)
    response = req.delete()
    assert response.ok, u'\nGot %d Response Status: %s \n%s' % (response.status_code, response.reason, response.text)

    print "Deleted Backend with id: %s" % backend_id

src/m/i/mist.io-0.9.8/src/mist/io/tests/test_class.py   mist.io(Download)
    def test_94_delete_all_backends(self):
        """--->Delete All Backends"""
        print "\n>>>Deleting all backends:"
        for back in backends.list_backends(self.uri):
            backends.delete_backend(self.uri, back['id'])