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BagIt is a directory, filename convention for bundling an arbitrary set of
files with a manifest, checksums, and additional metadata. More about BagIt
can be found at:


bagit.py is a pure python drop in library and command line tool for creating,
and working with BagIt directories:

    import bagit(more...)

src/p/r/PreIngest-0.1/preingest/pre-ingest.py   PreIngest(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
import bagit, datetime, time, argparse, os, sys, subprocess, filecmp, hashlib, threading, json, urllib2
epoch = time.time()

src/b/a/bagit_profile-1.0.2/bagit_profile.py   bagit_profile(Download)
# Command-line version.
import time
import bagit
class BagitProfileOptionParser(optparse.OptionParser):

src/b/a/bagit-python-HEAD/test.py   bagit-python(Download)
from os.path import join as j
import bagit
# don't let < ERROR clutter up test output