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Python wrapper around BOSS's API libraries

src/w/r/wrye-bash-HEAD/Mopy/bash/bosh.py   wrye-bash(Download)
from brec import _coerce # Since it wont get imported by the import * (it begins with _)
from chardet.universaldetector import UniversalDetector
import bapi
import libbsa
import liblo

src/w/r/wrye-bash-HEAD/Mopy/bash/basher.py   wrye-bash(Download)
import bosh
import bolt
import bapi
import barb
import bass

src/w/r/wrye-bash-HEAD/scripts/mktaglist.py   wrye-bash(Download)
import bapi
bapiDir = u'../Mopy/bash/compiled'

src/g/a/garybash-HEAD/Mopy/bash/bosh.py   garybash(Download)
from bolt import _, LString, Unicode, Encode, GPath, Flags, DataDict, SubProgress, cstrip, deprint, delist, sio
from cint import *
import bapi
startupinfo = bolt.startupinfo