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src/p/y/pypsd-   pypsd(Download)
				Bounding rectangle for all of the slices: top, left, bottom, right of all the slices
				slice_data["rectangle"] = self.getRectangle()
				Name of group of slices: Unicode string
					Left, top, right, bottom positions
					slice["position"] = self.getRectangle()
					Unicode Strings: Url, Target, Message, Alt Tag
		bottom, right coordinates.
		self.rectangle = self.getRectangle()
		self.maskRectangle = self.getRectangle()
		maskDefaultColor = self.readTinyInt()
		flagsBits = self.readBits(1)
			realFlags = self.readTinyInt()
			realUserMaskBack = self.readTinyInt()
			maskRectangle2 = self.getRectangle()
	def parse_base_layer(self):